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Normally there is always leftovers after a meal especially in a household where there are two to three persons. The leftovers go to the freezer or fridge to be consumed at a later time. If it is not stored properly or stored for too long, it ends up in the bin. Not only there is a pressure to consume it instead of a healthier fresh meal but it also takes up space and gives stress. In contrast, there are people who are hungry and sifting through bins for consumable food wastage. And still others who are too handful to only fancy a proper meal, such as aged and busy working single parents. Not to forget to mention the emptiness and depression of eating alone, that a student, emigrant, bachelor or new to a locality feels at each meal.

With Fancy Meal mobile app, people will be able to find each others counterpart in their very own neighbourhood, those who will definitely have leftover of a fresh meal/grocery item and those willing to take that as soon as it gets prepared. Not only this, they will also be able to plan a meal together to have variety at the meal time. Some even will have a guest at their lonely dining table.

Imagine having the freedom to have fresh food each day, a variety in menu and a company to share the joy of good meal.

The app will also accommodate exchanging food for a helping hand, or any small favour such as carrying a grocery home for a pregnant women, or help in learning the use of technology for an elderly.


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Let’s have

‘A culture of valuing a variety of fresh & good quantity of delicious food at each meal time’


‘A space that is friendly, appreciative & integrating.’

The idea is to find people who match your intention, I.e.

  • Prevent food wastage and increase blessing.
  • Have variety and/or company at meal & meal preparation time


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