Feel Cared for

IMG-20170616-WA0002.jpg       The Forty Neighbours

“Encouraging people to Connect to forty nearest neighbours”

Given the recent greenfell fire incident, I felt obliged to come up with a way to know and connect with my neighbours. The thought of total loss of identity once dead and the burden of not being able to at least identify people in your very surrounding in a natural disaster situation/emergency is precarious.

Therefore, I have come up with this idea, to identify my own nieghbourhood and promote others to do the same. It is always good to know and be approachable no matter how resourceful or how unavailable a person is.

I will try to shape this with a purpose/a reason to connect:

To wish each other on birthdays, anniversaries and special occassions just to acknowledge presence.

To seek guidance and reviews for particular services such as internet, gardening, tutoring, cleaning etc.