Sadness or happiness, whatever it is, it’s my life ultimately. .. my Destiny

Life well lived is actually death each day well deserved The tragedy of life is not that you get hurt, you lose or you die. It's more about losing hope, sense of being a human being,an identity and recognition of your individual self. I thought it's unfortunate that a person forgets to pray but I …

The Problem with Tough Love in Eating Disorder Recovery

The tenderness in return. So true


When I talk to people who lived through my anorexia with me, the overwhelming theme is that people didn’t know how they could help me.

They felt their hands were tied. They saw their friend/daughter/sister rapidly wasting away right before their eyes, and they felt helpless.

They didn’t know how to get through to me. They didn’t want to say the wrong thing and trigger a blow up or melt down. And yet they wanted to express their concern.

Meanwhile, I was pushing everyone away, withdrawing from the world, so that I could be alone with my eating disorder, not having to show my friends how sick my mind really was.

And people had their different approaches. Some worked. And some definitely didn’t.

But looking back, I’ve come to realize that above all else, there is one thing that is paramount when it comes to dealing with eating disorder sufferers…

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Forget cosmetics and spa,work for an ever green supernatural beauty

What parlour, any package at a spa, let's admit we are all struggling to achieve good looks. Beauty is power. There is no doubt that to be attractive, well groomed and all dolled up, lifts up one's spirit, defines respect and privilege in any company and generally leaves a positivity in the environment. But I am …

Divorce, a tornado

The road to DIVORCE - a potential tornado" "Eik dafa kisi rishte mei talaq ki baat chirr jaye tou wo phir hoti hi hoti hai" I never really recognized this until I began to understand typical human nature to attract intensity, the thrill in the sensation, a "kick" in the moment of charm as life …